About ICCS

The mission of ICCS is to bring together women living in Singapore who (a) share a passion for food and cooking, (b) who have a wide range of culinary skills, (c) come from Singapore and from all over the globe, (d) are keen to improve their culinary repertoire and (e) want to make friends.

The goal is to bring ladies together to learn how to cook new cuisines, and in doing so, opening their minds through the tasting of new flavors, meeting of ladies from different backgrounds, and having fun in the process.

Cooking sessions will take place in an intimate setting (ladies homes on a rotating basis), and ladies will watch a demonstration in the kitchen by the host cook of the session, followed by a shared meal around the dining table.

The ultimate mission of ICCS is to (a) promote cross-cultural exchange opportunities between expats themselves and between expats and Singaporeans, (b) to create opportunities for new friendships to develop, (c) and to provide opportunities for members to improve their culinary repertoire.

ICCS is a non profit organisation.


18 thoughts on “About ICCS

  1. Hello!
    I would like to join the community too but i can’t see the facebook page via the link that’s been posted.

    Is there anywhere that i can register to be a member too?


  2. Hi, I just moved to Singapore and heard about this club from a friend. I would really like to join and learn more about local cuisine and cook with you. How can I join?

  3. Hey, I recently moved to Singapore and would love to join your group.

    How do I go about doing that?

    Thanks so much!!


  4. Hi,
    I would love to buy your fantastic cookbook “Red dot melting Pot cookbook”.
    Where can I buy it? Can I buy it on line? Thanks.

    1. Hi Cecilia, this message was missed, apologies. If you are still interested in purchasing The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook, please go to http://www.iccs.org.sg. I do believe I recall your name and you might have it already? Best Michelle

  5. I’ve come across your Red Dot Melting Pot cookbook . It looks great. Can I somehow obtain this cookbook? I’m not based in Singapore but am currently visiting. tess.

    1. Hi Tess, apologies this message was not seen sooner. Are you still interested in getting the book? Shipping abroad is quite expensive, best if you are coming back to Singapore or know someone here who can bring to you when traveling. If you wish to order, please fill in a form for such on http://www.iccs.org.sg. Thank you

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