Recipe by: Ayako Sugiyama

Source: Harumi’s Japanese Cooking (book)

Makes 1 roll sushi of each type

Ingredients (JapaneseSushiRice)

• 3 cups cooked Japanese rice
• 5 Tbsp Japanese vinegar
• 4 Tbsp sugar
• 1½ tsp salt

Ingredients (Maki Sushi)

• 1sheet nori seaweed
• Cooked Japanese Sushi Rice*
• Filling for Maki Sushi: sashimi quality tuna, shredded shiso leaves (see photo in PDF, below) and finely julienned cucumber
•Dab of wasabi

Equipment (Maki Sushi)

•Sushi making rolling mat

Ingredients (Ura Maki Sushi)

• 1 sheet nori seaweed
• Cooked Japanese Sushi Rice*
• Filling for Ura Maki Sushi: crab stick, avocado and shredded shiso leaves (see photo in PDF below)
• Dab of Japanese mayonnaise (see photo)
• Handful toasted sesames

Instructions (Japanese Sushi Rice)

• Evenly stir in the Japanese vinegar, sugar and salt to the cooked Japanese rice.
Instructions (Maki Sushi)

• Take a sheet of nori seaweed and place it on the rolling mat.
• Spread a thin layer of cooked rice evenly over the nori, leaving ½ in (1 cm) of nori on each side free of rice. Be careful not to use too much rice.
• Place the fillings of choice on the rice, but not too many or it will not roll well.
•Add a dab of wasabi on top.
•Roll it carefully and evenly away from you, pressing it firmly.
• Remove the rolling mat,trim any ingredients that are protruding from the ends of the roll, and cut into about 1 inch pieces.
• Continued on next page.

Instructions (Ura Maki Sushi – Inside Out Rolls)

• Place ½ sheet of nori on a sheet of nonstick parchment paper and evenly spread a thin layer of fresh sushi rice across it (don’t leave the edges free on this one).
• Carefully turn it over so the nori is facing upwards and add the Ura Maki Sushi ingredients.
• Use Japanese mayonnaise instead of wasabi and dab on top of the ingredients.
• Roll carefully and evenly away from you.
•Put some toasted sesame seeds on a plate and roll the sushi in them, so the roll is well coated.
•Using a sharp knife, cut into about 1 inch (2 cm) pieces and serve.

Download PDF here. There are more photos in this PDF than in this blog post. Japanese Maki andd Ura Maki (Inside Out Roll) Sushi