Recipe by: Ayako Sugiyama

Source: Harumi’s Japanese Cooking (book)

Serves: 6

Japanese name of dish: Sakura Mochi




• 50 g (1/3 cup + 1 Tbsp) all-purpose flour
• 10 g (1 Tbsp) rice flour (from glutinous rice, see photo of a Japanese brand in PDF below)
• 10 g (1 scant Tbsp) sugar
• 100 ml (7 Tbsp) water
• 180 g (6 oz) sweetened red bean paste (see photo in the PDF below, don’t buy the brand in the tin – red label – too soft)
• 6 cherry blossom leaves (can’t find in Singapore, but in Japan when in season – so you can make without these, see photo – leaves don’t add to flavour, just visual appeal)
• A few drops of red food colour or cherry syrup


• Sift the all-purpose flour.
• Put the rice flour and water into a bowl and whisk well until smooth then add in the all-purpose flour and sugar.
• Add a few drops of coloring, little by little, until it turns a pale cherry blossom colour. Let it stand for 30 minutes.
• Heat a spoonful of oil in a small frying pan on a low heat so the surface is well oiled, then gently wipe off any excess with paper towels
• Pour in enough batter to make a thin crepe, 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) in diameter, tilting the pan to ensure that it is even. Leave the crepe to cook on one side, then turn over and cook briefly.
• Take 30 g of the red bean paste ,shape it into a ball and place in the center of each crepe.
•Roll them up and serve.

Download PDF here. More photos are in this PDF than in this blog post. Japanese Sweet Rice Cakes Wrapped in Cherry Blossom Leaves