Recipe by: Titin Palma

Source: Titin’s (Italian) sister-in-law

Serves: 10

Note: this is a Southern Italian dish


• 400 g sardines( I use canned sardine in spring water )
• 2 large garlic cloves
• 600 g cherry tomatoes, cut into half
• 4 anchovies
• 2 Tbsp capers (soak and rinse few times)
• Flour, enough to coat the sardines
• Chopped parsley
• Freshly ground black pepper to taste


• Lightly coat all the sardines with flour, then fry them until golden brown, put aside.
• Using a big wok or skillet, pour olive oil just enough to sauté the smashed garlic until fragrance / golden brown. You can take them out or leave the garlic as your preference.
• Add in anchovies, sauté quickly then add in tomatoes and capers.
• Cover the wok and lower the heat. Stir the sauce times to times. Once the tomatoes soften put in the fried sardines (put some aside to garnish the plate ) and break roughly the sardines using your spatula, sprinkle with parsley and pepper, off the heat.
• In a big pot, boil water, add in salt and cook your rigatoni pasta al dente.
• Before you drain the pasta take about a cup the water from the pasta put aside incase you need when you toss the pasta with sauce and the sauce is too dry.
• Drain the pasta, pour the pasta into your sardines sauce, mix them together and if the pasta is too dry, add in little by little the pasta water until you get the right texture.
Serve on the plate, garnish with the fried sardines that you put aside, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Download PDF here. There are more photos in this PDF than in this blog post. Italian Rigatoni Pasta with Sardine Sauce