Recipe by: Naoko Nama
Source: Family recipe
Serves: 4 thick sushi rolls and 4 thin sushi rolls

Ingredients for Futomaki

  • 540ml Vinegared Rice
    (see Recipe)
  • 4 whole sheets roasted Nori Sheet
  • Vinegar and Water
    (Te-Zu – for your hands)

Ingredients for Toppings

  • 3 Eggs
  • A):   – 2 tsp  Mirin (or 1 tsp. Honey)
    – 1 Tbsp Sake
    – 1 pinch Salt
  • Cucumber, cut into stick size
  • Carrot, cut into strips and boil
  • Sashimi, like Tuna or Salmon
  • Shiso Leaves, halved

Ingredients for Vegetarian Option:

  • Firm Tofu, press out the water then cut into stick sizes, sprinkle salt and pan fry
  • Avocado, cut into sticks and squeeze lemon on it
  • Cucumber
  • Alfalfa
  • Shiso Leaves
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Wasabi Mayonnaise (optional)

Ingredients for Hosomaki

  • 540ml Vinegared Rice
  • 5 sheets roasted Nori sheet


  • Anything of your taste (pickled daikon radish, egg, cucumber, crab meat, tuna sashimi…) Just make sure you cut them in thin strips, otherwise it might fall apart.

Instructions for Futamaki

  • Prepare the toppings.
  • Egg Omelet: crack eggs in a bowl, add A) and stir. Pour the egg mixture into a Japanese Square Egg-Frying Pan and cook to make a thick omelet. Let it cool and cut into sticks.
  • Place the bamboo mat flat side up. Put a sheet of Nori lengthwise on the mat, the shiny side down.
  • Moisten both hands with Te-Zu. Thinly spread rice over the Nori, leaving about 2 cm on the far edge for sealing.
  • Place the toppings of your taste at the center of the sheet lengthwise (in a square, not flat).
    While holding the ingredients in place, lift up the front of the bamboo mat, roll gently to make a fluffy round log. Keep the log covered with the bamboo sheet and lightly push it to make the log nice and neat.
  • Remove the bamboo mat and cut into 8 round pieces. Wiping the blade of the knife with a wet cloth after each cut will keep the rice from sticking to the knife.

Instructions for Hosomaki

  • Basically it’s the same as Futomaki, except that you cut the seaweed sheet in half.
  • When placing the rice, leave 1cm from the far edge.

Download PDF version here:Japanese Thick Sushi Rolls (Futomaki) and Thin Sushi Rools (Hosomaki) Naoko Hama