Recipe by: Naoko Hama
Source: Family Recipe
Serves: 9 – 10 sushi cakes

This is a another way of making your sushi, which doesn’t require such technique as sushi rolls and looks nice when you’re having guests!


  • 540ml Vinegared Rice
  • Sweet Pickled Ginger, cut in Julienne


  • 3 Eggs, cooked in omelet sheets
  • Smoked Salmon, sliced
  • Shiso Leaves, cut in Julienne
  • Shrimps, optional, peel, remove back vein, and boil
  • Snow Peas, blanched and halved


  • Prepare the sushi rice as same as sushi rolls.
  • Mix the pickled ginger in the rice.
  • Prepare the ingredients as indicated above.
  • Place the rice and ingredients in layers using a round pastry ring.

Download PDF version here: Japanese Sushi Cakes Naoko Hama