Recipe by: Rebeca Trasobares
Source: Family recipe
Serves: 4 as starter and 8 as tapas


  • 1kg ripen tomatoes (the quality of the tomatoes is key in this soup)
  • 200g Baguette, crust included, 1 or 2 days old
  • 2 cups Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Clove of Garlic (not too big)
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • Garnish: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs cut in small pieces and/or Sliced Serrano Ham (or Prosciutto)


  • Scald the tomatoes: Put a large pot of salted water on the stove and bring to a boil. Cut a small cross in the bottom of each tomato. When the water is boiling add the tomatoes for 30-60 seconds. Remove immediately and place in a cold water bath (a bowl filled with ice and cold water). The skin will peel right off of the tomatoes.
  • Cut out the cores of the tomatoes and cut them in big pieces.
  • Cut the bread in not too small chunks, Let the bread soak with the tomatoes for about 5 minutes, or more if the bread is very hard. Add a bit of salt, the tomato will sweat and it will speed up the process.
  • Add half of the garlic and blend the ingredients until the soup is an even texture and the bread is completely broken down.
  • Now try the soup and adjust. Add more garlic and salt if necessary. Blend again until the soup has a fine texture but a thick consistency (10 min), you have to be able to eat it with a spoon without dripping the soup.
  • Keep refrigerated for at least 1hour before serving
  • Serve in small bowls with diced hardboiled egg and sliced ham as condiments. As a tapas,  serve the soup in 2 bowls placed in the center of the table and add some nice toasted bread to dip.

Download PDF version here: Spanish Cold Tomato Soup Rebeca Trasobares