Recipe by: Gene Tan

Source: Family recipe

Serves: 4


  • 1 pack (500 gms) Unsweetened Grass Jelly (chin chow)
  • 4 Tbsp Brown sugar or Honey.
  • 4 Pandan leaves –washed and knotted
  • 1.5 litre Water


  • Boil water with pandan leaves and brown sugar.
  • Once sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat and let the water cool to room temperature.
  • If using honey and not brown sugar, add the honey when the water is cool to around 42 degree C.
  • Remove the pandan leaves after water is cool.
  • Shred the grass jelly into strips while waiting for the water to cool.
  • Once water is cool, add the grass jelly strips into the water and enjoy.
  • Can served with ice, or chill in fridge.

Download PDF version here: chinese-grass-jelly-drink_gene-tan