Recipe by: Chinatsu Tsuzuki

Source: Family recipe

Serves: 9

*=This sign means, ”Don’t need exact ingredients.”


  • 4 -5 eggs → Rolled egg (Dashimaki)
  • Cucumber, Lettuce, French bean, or Sprouts
  • Crab meat (sausage)
  • *Japanese Mayonnaise
  • Seaweed(square/ Large size) 9 sheets
  • Sushi Rice


  • Make a Dashimaki by two eggs. Stir two eggs with a little salt and Hondashi. Pan-fry them by rolled egg making pan.
  • Cut a cucumber and rolled egg into a shape of stick.
  • Set up the plastic-wrap on the “Makisu“ and put seaweed on it.
  • Spread sushi rice on the seaweed and put filling on it. (Be careful not to put plenty of rice and filling because it cause of hard-to-roll.)
  • Let’s Roll up with your favorite filling!!

Recommended Fillings:

  • Grilled Beef and Lettuce
  • Sliced Raw Fish(Fresh Sashimi)
  • Grilled salmon

Download PDF version here: japanese-sushi-roll-chinatsu-tsuzuki