Recipe by: Ha Aronson

Source: family recipe

Serves: 4-5 (20 pieces)


  • Rice Paper (see photo next page)
  • 40 shrimp, cooked and split

in half (vertically)

  • About 200 g tenderloin pork,  boiled, cut in thin slices.
  • Lettuce, butter or bib is ideal
  • Cucumber, deseeded, sliced into long, vertical strips
  • Carrot, shredded
  • Fresh coriander (cilantro)
  • All ingredients optional
  • 1 cup glass noodles (see photo next page)
  • 2 egg yolks


  • Boil the pork and steam the shrimp (both of which are optional and can be replaced with Chicken breast or no meat at all.)
  • Clean and chop the fresh veggies in advance. You can replace or add other veggies as you like but this recipe is the traditional Vietnamese set. I have seen people add green beans, bean sprouts, zucchini, eggplant, alfalfa sprouts—whatever!
  • Prepare the rice paper: This is the most tricky part. You need to lightly soak the dry rice paper so that it becomes malleable and sticky. Do this by preparing a platter with water on it. Let the sheet of rice paper sit in the water (both sides) just long enough for it to become properly moist and sticky but no so long that it becomes unmanageable and fragile. You may need to make a few mistakes before you master this. You could also use a sprayer and spray water on both sides
  • Once the rice paper is properly soaked, place it on a nice dry plate. Put a small clump of rice noodles down on the edge. Place the lettuce over the noodles. Place two half shrimps on the noodles. Add a strip or two of pork. Add the other veggies.
  • Roll the end over two times. Then fold in the sides and continue to roll. Try to make the fresh spring roll, symmetrical, tight and firm.
  • Keep fresh spring rolls under saran wrap in the fridge.
  • Serve with dipping sauce.

Download PDF here (more photos in this PDF): Vietnamese Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls) Ha Aronson