Recipe by: Salma Rajani

Serve with Rice


  • 1 chicken (~ 1-1.5 kg) – best to have chicken on bone which are cut into small pieces
  • 4-5 tomatoes (peeled and chopped)
  • 1 medium onion sliced
  • 1 Tbls oil or ghee
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp red chili
  • 2-3 fresh green chilies slit (deseeded if you prefer a less hot curry)
  • 1 Tbls dried fenugreek leaves
  • 1 Tbls coriander seeds toasted and crushed
  • Coriander fresh for garnish
  • 1Tbsp ginger garlic paste (equal quantities)
  • Fresh ginger sliced for garnish


chicken karmai how

  • In a pan put oil/ ghee, add the chicken plus onions, fry for 2 mins. Don’t fry the onions too much. This is a tomato based dish and over frying the onions will change the flavor of the dish.
  • Add ginger garlic paste. Fry for another 3-4 minutes.
  • Add tomatoes, coriander seeds crushed, red chili powder, green chilies, salt and black pepper. Cover and let it cook on a medium flame till chicken is tender (approximately 10-15 mins).
  • . Don’t cover the pan completely to let the water in the pan evaporate.
  • Add a tablespoon of fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves and ginger.
  • Ready to serve.

Download PDF here: Salman Rajani Abbas_ Pakistani Chicken Karmai dish